Feel love, peace, and joy toward yourself and your world

Paul’s new Joy Paraliminal will help release the spirit of joy that innately resides within you. It is already there. You simply need to be aware of it and amplify it.

Besides aiding in healing, joy helps you gain a clear perspective on the life you choose to create. The more clarity you have, the better.

Plus, you’ll receive these benefits:

  • Connect to your creative power.
  • Feel love and joy toward yourself and the world around you every day.
  • Fully express your passion and enthusiasm for all you choose to accomplish.
  • Engage everyone with an open and joyful heart.
  • Greet the hassles of any busy day with a positive expectation.
  • Create a feeling of inner ecstasy.
  • Find peace of mind amid stressful events.

A BOLD STATEMENT: Anything less than joy in your life points to an error in how you think and how you live. It is a faulty conclusion about who you really are and can easily cause you to shrink back out of fear or self- consciousness. “What will people think of me?” “What if I fail?”

As a result, you take yourself out of life’s great potential. But when you can remember—and feel—the ever- expanding capacity of joy all of the time, you can live wholeheartedly into the expression of your passions.