Change emotions and memories that stop you

Things from the past belong in the past. They need not adversely affect you. You bring insight to memories and erase their emotional impact. As you listen to this CD, you learn from your memories and eliminate their negative effect on your life.

If you are troubled by past business dealings, relationships, sicknesses, schooling, family situations, chemical dependency, abuse, and so on, order this CD today. You will clean up the past and move into a powerful future one day at a time.

Control emotion and negative memories with New History Generator

Uncontrolled emotions and negative memories do not need to rule your life. Negative feelings from the past and anxieties about the future can be virtually eliminated& - when you use the New History Generator.

Feelings of insecurity that came from being humiliated by teachers or students... Past business failures... Abuse... Trouble with the law, credit, or family... Not meeting other people's expectations... Guilt from family or church... Unrequited love... Difficulties with overeating... Divorce... Or anything that nags from the past, can be changed so that it no longer negatively affects you.

Think for a moment. What is eating at you? What from your past lingers to discredit the present and will no doubt snake into the future?

Everything that has happened in your life is stored somewhere in your mind, but most people consciously remember just a small part of what actually took place. This is because the brain deletes, distorts, and generalizes your experiences to attain its phenomenal speeds.

Your brain assigns positive and negative emotions to memories. You can be limited if your brain assigns negative emotions such as guilt, remorse, anger, fear, or resentment.

New History Generator is designed to unplug negative emotions and shift your emotional energies so that they work for you instead of against you.

New History Generator can also help when anxieties about the future keep you from taking action and achieving what you want. Anxiety cannot be felt unless you are imagining a negative future that you fear. Since you are in charge of what you imagine, you can use this CD to tap into the tremendous personal power within so that you achieve the success you desire.

Session A works for limitations in general. It helps free you from the limitations of your past and achieve an optimistic outlook on the future.

Session B helps you stay on track with your feelings, thoughts, and actions. You review your day to enhance strengths and overcome shortcomings. You learn to "splice" into your memory new ways to succeed. You establish tomorrow's plans.

Order this CD today. It is a valuable addition to your Paraliminal library.