Get your body back to feeling great

This Paraliminal helps you bounce back quicker from any physical activity such as riding a bike, running a marathon, lifting weights, landscaping, or strenuous home improvement projects...anything that causes your body to feel tired and sore.

It helps you enjoy more energy and emerge with greater strength, endurance, agility, resilience, and flexibility.

We originally created this Paraliminal for runners and soon realized that anyone who overdoes it would find immense benefit.

It can help you:

  • Recover more quickly from strenuous exercise and activities.
  • Guide the joints and muscles of your body to relax and gain maximum value from your workouts.
  • Allow the perfect integrity of your body to reestablish natural rhythms.
  • Enjoy a comforting meditative bath of rest and relaxation.
  • Open the subtle energy channels in your body to restore flow and balance.
  • Cleanse, replenish, and oxygenate your cells and tissues with vital energy.
  • Begin healing pain, bruises, and blisters anytime you beat up your body or over-extend yourself.
  • Restore emotional balance and mental equilibrium for better clarity and focus.
  • Use your creative mind to accomplish your health and fitness goals.
  • Unwind fully and emerge with new strength and vitality.

This Paraliminal is ideal after any physical activity when you want to help your body gain energy, begin healing, and recover more quickly. This Paraliminal provides time for a complete restoration of your body, mind, and emotions. It helps connect to the higher intelligence in you to rejuvenate and reenergize your entire being, returning you to full vitality.