Make choices, take action, and succeed

What do you need to be doing to have the life you deserve? What do you need to be doing to achieve goals and feel satisfied?

Make the best choices with conviction...consistently take the action you need...and enjoy a life worth living.

This Paraliminal will help you make the best choices day in and day out. It will help break patterns that may be keeping you stuck. It will help you take the action you need. It will align your inner mind for success.

As you listen, you will:

  • Notice a wider range of situations and opportunities that make the best choices easier.
  • Create a behavior that initiates a positive chain of events in your life.
  • Engage in actions that bring profound benefits to you.
  • Generate possibilities and experience them.
  • Replace behaviors that do not support you.
  • Notice concrete indicators that let you know you are succeeding.
  • Confidently rely on new and wonderful resources.
  • Identify the specific actions or habits you want to make your own.
  • Stay focused on the rewards for making choices and taking action.

The New Action Generator includes two Paraliminal sessions.

During Session A you will generate a craving and willpower for making winning choices that support your highest good. You will build a strong personal conviction that you will do the best for yourself, your family, and those around you. This Paraliminal will guide you to identify choices and behaviors that result in positive consequence, so you can achieve the life you truly want.

During Session B you will preserve, protect, and expand your health, abundance, and relationships by making winning choices more easily, more quickly, and more permanently. You will make choices that build the life you desire - a life based on the expression of your values and ideals. You will turn your intentions into your reality.