Gain emotional freedom from what holds you back

Experience emotional freedom. Perceive your world in beautiful new ways - brimming with new opportunities, exciting possibilities, and greater happiness - all freely and completely available to you. This Paraliminal guides you through a simple, practical process from The Sedona Method program for letting go and releasing emotions and energies that derail your best intentions. Once you free yourself of unwanted emotions, you can tap into the powerful resources that come from your truest and best self.

You live in an expansive universe of possibilities that is open and ready to empower your intentions. Yet from time to time, you may find yourself faced with a seemingly unsolvable problem or caught in the emotions of the moment. Problems, anxieties, and fears that hold you back are often connected to your own locked energies.

By learning to let go, you can transform painful emotions and situations so you can live a life of greater freedom and joy. In the process of letting go, you shift your energy, and that's when new perspectives and new approaches are revealed. Obstacles that once seemed immovable become lighter and often disappear.

Holistic releasing, or letting go, is designed to help you dissolve any inner obstacle you are experiencing in this moment. Emotionally-based problems and feelings are held together by opposites. Most of the time we try to hold on to what we judge as good and we try to resist what we judge as bad, keeping the two as far away from each other as possible.

But when you embrace both sides of any polarity - bringing a positive and negative charge together - they cancel each other out. You are left with an empty space of unlimited potential.