Feel love, peace, and joy toward yourself and the world around you

Some enjoy this CD so much that they want us to call it Ecstasy!

Listen to enhance the expression of your holiday spirit, today and every day. Enjoy time out from the hustle and hassles of daily life. Add an inner sparkle to celebrations and holidays.

Whether you enjoy holidays or find them stressful, this CD helps put everything in perspective. It is a nondenominational celebration of life. It is an excellent gift!

Enhance the spirit of the holidays

Holiday Cheer is an excellent and affordable stocking stuffer for friends, associates, and family members.

Three types of people benefit from Holiday Cheer:

  1. people who find the holidays stressful and who need peace of mind
  2. people who love the holidays just the way they are and would enjoy something to enhance the holiday spirit
  3. people who are looking to add an extra sparkle to the holidays

Deep within you lies the free spirit you are - the perfectly whole, gifted child that is ever free, pure and wise. The "Holiday" is a traditional and seasonal celebration of this wholeness that is at the core of every human being. When expressed, it is often called, "Holiday Spirit." It is characterized by feelings and actions of joy, love and peace.

The perennial wisdom expressed by all religions, philosophies, and thinkers is that there is a great truth in this universe that we can know by looking within. Holiday Cheer captures the essence - the feeling nature - of this truth.

Holiday Cheer is a "time-out" from the hustle and hassles of daily life. It is a time to remember and recognize this truth. Joy, love and peace toward yourself and the world around you is the ultimate expression of this truth.

As you enjoy your CD please share it freely with others.