Frequently Asked Questions

How to find prices, order CDs, and get free CDs?

Click on the "Individual Paraliminals" link at the top of this page under "Product/Events." Find the CD you want and click on it.

When you click on the title, you'll go to a page with a picture of the CD, additional information, testimonials, and another order button.

BONUS CDs: When you order any three Paraliminals individually, you may select an additional CD free.

When you are entitled to receive free CDs, keep putting CDs in your shopping basket. The website will automatically give you discounts—if not, click the "Update" button.

To check the contents of your shopping basket, click on "View Cart" in the upper right of your screen.

Free coaching

You are entitled to free coaching when you purchase Paraliminals.

Before calling a coach, go to the Discussion Forum. You will probably find the answers to your questions provided by several students and coaches. These multiple perspectives will make it easier for you to understand.

You can also use the "search" feature of the Discussion Forum. It will bring up a list of posts that relate to your question.

If you still do not find what you are looking for, post a question on the Forum. A variety of people will respond with specific answers, tips, and insights.

Holosync Audio Technology

Holosync audio tones, which you might hear as a hum, have been embedded in the recordings of the 46 individual Paraliminal CDs to increase your ability to benefit and learn from these Paraliminal sessions.

Centerpointe Research Institute's Holosync audio technology, when listened to with stereo headphones, creates the electrical brain wave patterns of many desirable states. These states include deep meditation, increased creativity, focus and concentration, and accelerated learning ability.

Using Holosync creates new neural pathways between the left and right brain hemispheres, balancing the brain, enhancing mental/emotional health, improving mental functioning and self-awareness, and healing unresolved emotional problems.

Holosync on the Paraliminals are Alpha and Theta level entrainments that do not directly correspond to "levels" of the Centerpointe Research Institute program.

Paraliminals that are part of other personal learning courses are not embedded with Holosync.

For more information on how you can use Holosync to accelerate mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, visit

Holosync is a trademark of Centerpointe Research Institute and the technology is licensed by Learning Strategies Corporation.

Can you convert the new Paraliminal soundtracks with Holosync into mp3 files or other files used by computers or mp3 players such as the iPod?

Yes. Absolutely. The Paraliminal portion will not be affected by such compression. The head engineer at Centerpointe Research Institute says that only the deeper levels of Holosync use a frequency that is cut off by compression.

Listening to Paraliminal sessions

You do not have to listen to Paraliminal learning sessions repeatedly. Each comes with instructions. Some programs will require multiple listenings over a week or two, and others will just require one listening.

They average 20 minutes, so you do not have to spend a lot of time to make changes you desire.

You can listen to multiple sessions each day. Give yourself at least a 20-minute break between sessions.

To get the full effect, we recommend using stereo headphones.

Do not listen to Paraliminals while driving.

Additional information is included in the 20-page booklets that come with each of the individual Paraliminals.

Paraliminal Sleep Learning

Most of the Paraliminals are set-up for sleep learning. Set your audio player to repeat track 3. Adjust the volume so that you can tune out the sound as you sleep. Waking is an indication that your mind had completed the process, so turn off the player at that time. This feature can be used as often as you wish.

Selecting programs that are right for you

Follow your intuition. Order CDs that attract you. Customers say it is best to begin with four or five CDs, because it makes it easier to see results right away. As you experience results, order additional CDs to build your self-improvement library—you never know when a CD will come in handy.

You can order The Complete Ultimate You Library of the first 42 Paraliminals up front and save money.

The CDs average 20 minutes in length. Spend only a little time with them to make the changes you desire. Each CD comes with a 20-page booklet. To get the full effect, use stereo headphones. Do not listen to Paraliminals when driving.

Length of Paraliminal sessions

To make it easier to find time to work on maximizing your potential, we have tried to keep Paraliminal sessions to twenty minutes or less.

Title - Session A (minutes: seconds) - Session B (minutes: seconds)

  • Abundant Money Mindset - 25:03
  • Anxiety-Free - 18:36 - 18:25
  • Automatic Pilot - 15:38 - 18:54
  • Belief - 22:08 - 18:50
  • Break the Habit - 24:00 - 25:00
  • Conscious Time - 24:44
  • Creating Sparks - 24:00
  • Dream Play - 18:24 - 18:03
  • Deep Relaxation - 35:53
  • Financial Security - 23:55
  • Focus & Concentration - 26:00
  • Fresh Start - 28:00
  • Get Around To It - 20:56 - 20:59
  • Gratitude - 21:14
  • Happy For No Reason - 23:00
  • Holiday Cheer - 16:05
  • Ideal Weight - 18:58 - 19:45
  • Instantaneous Personal Magnetism - 25:04
  • Intuition Amplifier - 24:54
  • Letting Go - 29:44
  • Living the Law of Attraction - 21:00
  • Memory Supercharger - 17:45
  • New Action Generator - 27:08 - 24:10
  • New Behavior Generator - 22:32 - 23:40
  • New History Generator - 28:44 - 21:56
  • New Option Generator - 17:12 - 15:45
  • Overcoming Overwhelm - 19:23
  • Peak Performance - 25:00 - 23:00
  • Perfect Health - 20:28
  • Personal Genius - 15:26
  • Positive Relationships - 17:07 - 16:34
  • Power Thinking - 22:00
  • Prosperity - 18:56
  • Recover & Reenergize - 27:25
  • Sales Leap - 21:44
  • Seeing the Unseen - 25:23
  • Self-Discipline - 25:30
  • Self-Esteem Supercharger - 20:04
  • Simplicity - 23:00
  • Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed - 29:51 - 23:25
  • Smoke-Free - 19:25 - 17:39
  • Success Built to Last - 21:00
  • Talking to Win - 22:00 - 19:00
  • 10-Minute Supercharger - 10:30
  • You Deserve It! - 24:00
  • Youthful Vitality - 20:04

What can the Paraliminal Accelerator do for me?

Using the Paraliminal Accelerator is a great way to take advantage of the unseen synergies that result from listening to more than just one Paraliminal. Over the course of 40 days you will actually listen to most of the Paraliminal sessions in a powerful progression set by Paul Scheele to help you achieve massive headway toward any goal.

The Paraliminal Accelerator is designed to be used with The Complete Ultimate You Library.

How does the Paraliminal Accelerator work?

To make significant life changes, we naturally go through four stages:

  • Gather the resources necessary to succeed.
  • Take action to move ourselves toward our goals.
  • Persist in the face of doubt, hesitance, or setbacks.
  • Consistently do what it takes to achieve our desired results.

The Paraliminal Accelerator follows this progression by sequencing Paraliminal sessions into four circles of listening. Each circle contains ten Paraliminal sessions plus several coaching sessions.

What does the Paraliminal Accelerator include?

Your Paraliminal Accelerator includes a 74-page course manual, 4 Circle Charts, 1 introductory CD, and 9 additional CDs with coaching sessions from Paul to help you gain the maximum benefit.

Using Paraliminals with other programs

Paraliminal learning sessions can be used with most other audio/video programs, seminars, and classes.


Paraliminal learning sessions are designed for people ages 13 and above.

Follow these guidelines for younger children:

1) Children have a short attention span, so the following shorter CDs are generally best: 10-Minute Supercharger, Memory Supercharger, Personal Genius, and Self-Esteem Supercharger.

2) While we generally recommend listening to Paraliminal sessions with stereo headphones, children may prefer listening through speakers. Headphones are a safety concern for younger children.

Why does Paul Scheele say "tape" on some of the CDs?

The original Paraliminals were presented on audio cassettes, which is why the word "tape" is used on some of the CDs. Each original recording was remastered and digitally enhanced for delivery on CDs.

Hearing problems

Listeners who have problems with hearing can still receive benefit from Paraliminal learning sessions, even if you have hearing in only one ear.