Bring clarity, trust, and power to your inner knowing

Intuition is more than a hunch. It's a powerful, useful, natural gift that can lead you to better decisions, healthier living, richer experiences, and more fulfilling relationships. (Pretty much everything.)

If you want to open the channels to your inner knowing with great clarity and trust, allowing it to guide your choices and actions, this Paraliminal is absolutely for you.

Intuition Amplifier helps you use the vast amount of information and perceptions hidden from your everyday awareness, even if you think you have never had an intuitive thought, feeling, or insight in your life.

When you live on the intuitive edge, you will:

  • Trust your instincts.
  • Find it easier to make decisions.
  • Know the difference between intuitive insights and internal noise.
  • Bring clarity and guidance to uncertainty.
  • Find creative solutions to problems.
  • Achieve your goals with greater purpose, power, and passion.
  • Enjoy fulfilling and joyful interactions with friends, loved ones, and colleagues.
  • Refine your powers of perception and heighten your awareness.

BIG BONUSES come your way when you amplify your intuition:

  • If you have PhotoReading, you will be able to activate material you've PhotoRead with confidence.
  • If you have Spring Forest Qigong, your ability to detect energy blockages will increase.
  • If you have Diamond Feng Shui or any of Marie Diamond's courses, you'll be better attuned to the energy of your space.
  • If you have Seeds of Enlightenment or any of Jeddah Mali's courses, you'll find it easier to navigate the "sea of awareness."

I am most excited about Intuition Amplifier, because it holds the power to transform all of our lives... especially yours... in infinite ways. Get it now and start using it. I personally recommend you listen to it daily for a couple of weeks and then periodically thereafter and whenever you feel a need for a boost!

Again, all you have to do is put on a Paraliminal, push play, and listen to Paul guiding your inner mind. It's truly easy and effortless.