Turn on personal magnetism for poise, charm and sex appeal

Have you noticed how some people glow with beauty... how they have a presence that says they are someone special... how they exude charm? That is personal magnetism.

Listen to this CD to turn on your own charisma. You and others will notice a change right away. As you listen on a regular basis, your newly discovered magnetism builds. Soon your charisma becomes automatic and compelling.

Instantaneous Personal Magnetism

By the title you know that this is a fun CD. It is based on the premise that we all have energies flow through our bodies. These energies can be directed in such a way that others perceive us to be magnetic.

Have you ever noticed how some people just glow with beauty? How others have a strong presence? How still others have an aura of confidence and authority?

They are somehow directing their personal energies - their magnetic energies - in unique ways.

You'll be asked on this CD to think of someone who is magnetic and what is magnetic about them. The CD will take you through a process of directing your energies in much the same way. You will discover that you, too, can be magnetic.

Sometimes the effects of this CD may seem to wear off. You merely need to give it additional coats of paint, so to speak. Listen to the CD several times over the course of a few week period, and you will notice that the effects will stay with you.

Customers report the best results when they listen to the CD within two hours of experiencing someone who is magnetic - whether in person, in the movies, or on television.

If you see a television character that you think is cool, magnetic, attractive, alluring, or something special, then pull out the CD. As you train your energies to respond differently, you will discover fascinating happenings in your life.

Instantaneous Personal Magnetism is also great to curb nervous behaviors, habits, traits, or thoughts. These things tend to leak your energies and cause you to be less effective. Paul Scheele asks you to identify possible leakages. After all, what good is directing your energies if you have a leak someplace?

This is definitely a fun CD that can have interesting personal and professional ramifications.