Draw abundance and prosperity into any area of your life

Use the power of your inner mind to attract exactly what you want.

Listen to this CD to find a new home, improve relationships, expand your wardrobe, play sports better, pick money-making investments, improve your intuition, and more.

Develop a strong and positive mental attitude to keep abundance coming your way.

Unbridled abundance and prosperity...

We may have made a mistake naming this CD Prosperity. We should have called it Abundance because it is not just about financial prosperity but prosperity in all areas of one's life. It is true abundance whether physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental.

Prosperity focuses your inner mind on what you desire so that it attracts you or you attract it.

When you focus on something you tend to get it. Unfortunately, in our fragmented society we are bombarded with so much to do. It is challenging to stay focused on what we truly want. This CD does it.

It helps keep your inner mind's antenna looking our for what you desire.

Prosperity also helps diminish blocks that keep you from enjoying abundance.

As a tip, stay away from asking for money. Even though many customers claim to have won money, received large sums of unexpected cash, and received major pay increases, most people have blocks and hang-ups about money. You either need to deal with these blocks, which Prosperity will eventually help you do, or you need to find a back door way of bypassing those blocks.

Here's the secret:

Instead of asking for money, ask for what the money will bring to you. Here are some examples:

  • I'd like a new wardrobe.
  • I'd like to easily afford a new car.
  • I'd like to save for a vacation.
  • I'd like to take an affordable dream vacation.

You must be sure that what you are asking for is believable. If it is not, your inner mind will say, "Fooey," and do nothing to help you.

One customer was an accountant for the State of Minnesota who called for coaching. He was asking for more money when listening to the session. In talking with him, we discovered that the only way he would get more money would be if he got out of his dead-end job (which he did not want to do), if he won the lottery (which was unrealistic), or if his rich uncle died and left him money (and he had no such uncle). For him, more money was unbelievable.

What would be believable?

We asked him what he would do with more money? He said he'd buy new clothes. We said, "Well, ask for the clothes." Sure enough, within a couple weeks he walked into a department store and found a shelf filled with $30-$40 dress shirts on clearance for $1.97 each! That was true abundance...without having to spend money!

For Prosperity to work, you must also be willing to do what it takes to get what you want. The CD is not magic, though it may sometimes seem as such. If you want an affordable car, you must actively comb the ads or visit show rooms. If you want a relationship, you have to be willing to talk with new people. If you want a raise at work, you have to give your employer more value or help him realize the value you are currently providing.

A real estate agent was frustrated. She was asking to close five sales a month. It turned out she had been closing only one home every other month. We asked her if she knew how much work closing five sales would take.

She said, "Yes."

We asked if she was doing that much work.

She said, "No."

We said, "Get real. Ask for one closing consistently each month." Six months later she was consistently closing two sales a month. It was a far cry from five a month, but her income had increased six-fold!

Our favorite story involves our president, Pete Bissonette, when we were looking for new office space. Everything we liked was too expensive. Place after place.

One Friday he listened to the Prosperity CD. He asked for offices overlooking a lake with trees, an outdoor deck, wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows, contemporary furniture, and an office for him large enough for a conference table.

On the following Thursday, our space broker brought him to a new listing which was in a small town outside Minneapolis. It was even outside where we wanted to settle. He walked in the door and his chin dropped to his knees. It was the office of our dreams. It even had glass walls on the inside with gorgeous blue carpeting... and because of changes in someone else's business, the price fit our budget!

Within a couple weeks we moved it, and it was our home from 1989 to 2002.

Prosperity can work for you. It can perform miracles if you are willing to play with it, be real in your expectations, and be willing to do what it takes to get what you want.

Absolutely order this CD right now, because you can use it for so many things. It is all about getting abundance in any area of your life. At the beginning of the session you are asked questions which help set your purpose and your goals; this is how it can be so individualized for your every need.

And, remember, you can always call or email for coaching.