Success Stories

“I first used the Prosperity Paraliminal. I was deeply in debt. I managed to pay off my debt. I now own my farm and have a better paying job that is much more rewarding.”

-- C.A. Wingson, Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee

The Paraliminals are very effective at bypassing the conscious mind and influencing the deepest levels of the subconscious gently and powerfully. I can wholeheartedly recommend Paul’s artful approach!”

-- Lauren Archer, Kirland, Washington

“All of the Paraliminals have been very helpful. The Sonic Access course has proven to be profoundly transformative and I continue to listen to it each day. I am loving the transformation that is occurring! This is impacting me constructively in every area of my life. Thank you so much!”

-- Dennette Ramos, Fontana, California

“People spend years and hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on psychotherapy and counseling. But, in truth, I have yet to see or hear of anything that matches the Paraliminals.

-- Ayr, Scotland

“I love them. If you use them, just listen, relax, and enjoy. They work! I’ve recommended the Paraliminals to many.”

-- Christine

“Paraliminals are fast and easy to use. The changes are quick and lasting. I have used them for over 20 years, and tried many other brands, but none come close to the Paraliminals.”

-- Nick P., Las Vegas, Nevada

“With every session I walk away with a new insight into my problems. After 30 years of therapy and no results, Learning Strategies gets results in one hour. Brilliant!!”

-- Stacie Buckle, Conroe, Texas

“I have purchased a ton of self-improvement products over the years and yours are the only ones that work.

-- Charles, San Diego, California

“I was so impressed with the first Paraliminal I ordered that I had to order more. To tell you the truth…I was knocked off my feet.

-- Jan, Amery, Wisconsin

“The Paraliminals are extremely powerful and effective. They have changed the way I lead my life in a dramatic way.”

-- Chris Davidson, Leicester, England


“As a physician working in psychiatry, I have been recommending Learning Strategies’ products for years to both friends and patients. I have shared the Paraliminals to both friends and patients, and they all report gaining confidence and other psychological benefits!

-- David Wright

“I have bought several Paraliminals and I find them extremely relaxing. I often listen to the Paraliminals before important interviews and I find myself speaking with more confidence.

-- Sue Lai, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysa

“I have used the Paraliminals to help me through a period of major transition in my work which is challenging my thoughts and beliefs in many area of life. I am leaving academia and starting my own practice. These recordings are helping me be calm during turbulent times, improve my confidence, and diminish my doubts.

-- Pat Buchanan, Des Moines, Iowa

In less than one year my life has been transformed for the better. I’ve gained much needed self-esteem. Paraliminals have done for me what no book, seminar, or therapist could. I am forever grateful for the change I’ve experienced.”

-- Eugeine Geyser, Johannesburg, South Africa


“Since I am listening to Paraliminals, I got out of a low level depression lasting for years. It is like life has new colors and is full of possibilities.”

-- Caroline, Brussels, Belgium

I have experienced severe depression and OCD for 36 years. My brain processes information much better now. I am no longer caught in an endless loop of compulsive hand washing. I can problem solve much better. I have more energy, too.”

-- Kay Zeaman, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Before using the Paraliminals, I was very depressed…to the point of being in tears. I put everything off and just sat around doing nothing. After listening to Self-Esteem Supercharger, I am no longer depressed. No more tears. It’s like a weight has been lifted.

-- Nancy Meyerhoff, Newark, Delaware

“Honestly, if I had not discovered Paraliminals I’d still be stuck doing the same unproductive things in the same unsuccessful way. I needed a way to access my brilliant brain, and the Paraliminals were the way. I can finally see the light to the healthy, happy, and abundant life that I had always imagined for myself.”

-- Donna Vernon, Vero Beach, Florida

“I began using Paraliminals as a teenager, during a time when I suffered from major depressive disorder, social anxiety, and a deep lack of motivation. I knew I was a talented and full of potential, but it was all just out of reach. After more than a decade of listening to Paraliminals I can honestly say that I am fulfilling my potential and growing every day. I am mentally sharp, focused, creative, in great health, and most importantly free to create the life that I choose.

-- Chris, Virginia


“I love the Paraliminals…they brighten my life. I especially enjoy listening to them before going to sleep. I wake up feeling like a million dollars. They are great for anyone who wants a happy and fulfilling life!”

-- Doreen Maloney-Coles, New Zealand

“Every time I listen to one of the Paraliminals, I feel better. I look forward to listening to them more and more!”

-- Laura Hitchcock, Charlotte, North Carolina

“The Paraliminals have helped me feel better, be more productive, and live a better life.

-- Kelley, Austin, Texas

“I’ve been listening to several of the Paraliminals for over two months. I have noticed a positive change inside of me, and I feel more secure and relaxed. I make decisions more easily and I feel a lot happier in general. Thank you so much!”

-- Antonio Pantoja, Dallas, Texas

Over the years of using Paraliminals, I have kicked extreme drug and alcohol addiction and achieved a state of physical, mental, and emotional health that can only be described as an extreme shift from where I was. I am very, very close to what could perhaps be described as the ideal state.”

-- Richard van der Spuy, Durban, South Africa


“The Paraliminals are one of the most easy and effective ways of learning! Just plug in your headphones and take your life to a new level. You can even learn while sleeping. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

-- Faisal Zaheer, Karachi, Pakistan

I can remember things much better. I am a high school teacher, and it usually takes me forever to learn my students’ names (if at all). This year, I learned all of them in just a couple of days!”

-- Barbara, Memphis, Tennessee

I love the Personal Genius Paraliminal. It has definitely helped me to learn things more quickly, adapt to new technologies, and improve my fault finding abilities at work.”

-- Greg Hill, Brisbane, Australia

“Listening to the Paraliminals is like taking a short vacation. It puts you at ease, energy starts flowing where it has previously stopped doing so. The brain seems to increase its capacity. And also, very simply put, life is more fun.”

-- Andrea Speckmaier, Attenkirchen, Germany


“The Paraliminals take me into meditation faster than anything else. I feel more powerful and motivated after listening, and they help me train my mind to think positively in a way that it sinks into my subconscious mind. They have helped me increase my resiliency and tenacity to stay the course when faced with challenging situations.”

-- Jennifer Franklin, Tennessee

“I have used most of the Paraliminals at one time or another. They always help, and sometimes trigger remarkable changes in how I respond to challenges. Power Thinking helps me move forward from being stuck. Self Discipline helps me tackle big projects more effectively. I could go on…but it would take pages. I highly recommend the Paraliminals!”

-- Anonymous

“With the Paraliminals, I am able to cope with life’s emotional challenges. They help me realize that anything in life is possible. Your only limits are those in your mind, and these can be changed.”

-- Mary, Adelaide, South Australia

Using the Paraliminals has helped me to become more focused on what I really want to achieve. There are so many distractions around today and it’s so easy to sideline time and energy. This is a great tool for getting focused on what is required to follow your dreams.”

-- Anonymous

If you can provide 20% of motivation to help yourself, Paraliminals easily give you the other 80%.

-- Gregory, Springfield, Illinois

“Paraliminals are easy to fit into my life and access my entire mind. I feel more empowered to change things to make myself better, and it doesn't feel like a lot effort. I look forward to increasing my success in my physical therapy practice and my own business. I have recommended Paraliminals to many of my patients. What a great way to affect change in this hectic, stressful, left brain world!”

-- Trent Corey, Vancouver, Washington

“When I listen to my Paraliminals I feel like I'm taking charge of my life and giving myself that little extra advantage that could make all the difference in my results. I also know that I'm tapping into the enormous potential of my unconscious mind, and that is priceless.

-- Lorraine Tegeris, Dayton, Maryland

I love Paraliminals so much I would not consider starting my day without listening to one of them. After listening, I feel calm, focused, and motivated to achieve my goals. I recommend them to anyone serious about making positive changes in their life. Sit back, relax and listen...and experience the change...”

-- S. Hill, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“I love the Paraliminals. They relax the mind, body, and emotions. They release the blocks that hold us back in the most gentle and serene way.”

-- Janet O'Brien

“The Paraliminals have been instrumental in addressing and letting go of issues from the past. They have helped me focus on immediate goals while imbuing me with a sense of empowerment and fulfillment. Thank you for this gift!”

-- Kara T., Fort Lauderdale, Florida

If you want to change your life, these are the first things you should buy.

-- Anonymous


I always achieve a deep level of relaxation whenever I listen to the Paraliminals. I also feel more positive about life in general!”

-- Fiona Johnson, Sydney, Australia

“As an actor on the Starz hit show da Vinci’s Demons, we work very long hours on set…sometimes 18 hours a day. Being able to relax deeply and feel refreshed is vital for me. Using Paul Scheele’s 10-Minute-Supercharger has truly transformed my ability to do this. I awake refreshed and ready to go!”

-- Nick Dunning, Dublin, Ireland

I have used the Paraliminals to overcome anxiety in public speaking situations. They have helped me relax, sleep deeply, and overcome health issues. My 13-year-old son even loves to listen to them!”

-- Sharon Kaye, Anchorage, Alaska

Sleep Issues

“Because of a health condition, I have struggled with sleep for several years. Since purchasing the Sleep Deeply and Deep Relaxation Paraliminals, I nearly always drift off into a deep sleep right away. I also love the Memory Optimizer. I find it a wonderful aid to strengthening my memory.”

-- Tanda Ainsworth, Penryn, California

I used to take sleeping pills every night, but after the “Sleep Deeply” Paraliminal, I don’t need them anymore.

-- Julianna Sweeney, El Cajon, California

“For years I have woken up almost exactly 4 hours after going to sleep at night, and stayed awake for an hour or more. After just a week of using the Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed Paraliminal I started getting a solid 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Wonderful!”

-- Sandra, Coquitlam, British Columbia


“I feel more open to new experiences and possibilities where none previously existed. I think much more clearly and am able to remain calm during stressful situations. My intuition and decision making abilities are sharper and I find that I am more easily able to connect with others.

-- Zenduba Halimana, Mafikeng, South Africa

“Paraliminals have opened a door to a new world. With great ease and relaxation you can find peace of mind and heal the body as you de-stress your way to a healthy mind and body. Outstanding!”

-- Dawn Cormier, Straford, Ontario

“I have gone through a year of uncertainty with career and place of residence; feeling very anxious without direction or confidence. The Paraliminal sessions have helped alleviate stress, causing my health to be better and better! Thank you so much!!”

-- Taffy, Mooresville, North Carolina

“It helps me to stay positive and begin my day with more motivation, enthusiasm, dynamism, energy, and courage. It helps me to cope with negative emotions, stress, and setbacks.”

-- Erik Bogaert, Wingene, Belgium