Clearly understand what others say

It really is a Superpower. To automatically connect and interact authentically with every person whether socially, at work, or out and about.

In our world full of noise and distractions your brain wants to tune out. It is mega easy not to “hear” what a person right in front of you just said. But thanks to this Paraliminal, you can train your nonconscious mind to help you be a better and more focused listener.

And it can even help you engage people with whom you have had conflicts or difficult communications, as well as people you simply disagree with. Our world is a bit polarized now, and it seems easy to get into a conversation with someone who pushes your buttons. This Paraliminal can even help your discourse with them.

With Active Listening you will be able to:

  • Observe, sense, and perceive the intent of what is said.
  • Unleash a natural curiosity to learn from others.
  • Create a deep rapport with others so they become interested in what you have to say and can hear you more effectively.
  • Show respect and kindness to those you engage with so they know you care about them and what is important.
  • Release or ignore distractions, and listen only to the person talking to you.
  • Patiently attend to the words being spoken without judgment or the need to speak.
  • Listen equally well to all persons regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, or position in life.
  • Resist making the interaction about you or drawing the focus and attention to yourself.