Receive, enjoy, and trust the flow of money

Your view of money reflects your view of life.

When money brings up scarcity emotions, scarcity rules your life. When you pay your bills with joy in your heart, joy rules your life.

Shift how you look at money (which will happen when you use this new Paraliminal) and everything in your life can change, from your effectiveness at work to your intimate relationships at home… from your health and well-being to your spiritual growth.

Where does the name Happy Money come from?

People often mistake more money for more happiness. In Zen philosophy, happiness and abundance are found when you are satisfied with what you have and remain open to receiving and sharing more of the abundance available to you.

When you grow your “money reservoir” while also being 100 percent satisfied with wherever you are right now, this feeling of contentment miraculously brings to you what is called “Happy Money,” explains Ken Honda in his best-selling book Happy Money.

Ken co-created the Happy Money Paraliminal with Paul Scheele. Ken is the author of more than 60 best-selling books in Japan on life work, life balance, wealth, and happiness. He is a wealthy financial specialist who owns and manages numerous businesses, including an accounting company, management consulting firm, and a venture capital corporation. He hosts one of the most downloaded podcasts in Japan.

Ken and Paul will use the Happy Money principles to guide your nonconscious mind to shift your view of money. As a result, you will:

  • Be curiously receptive to an abundant flow of money in your life.
  • Experience contentment with whatever you have now, making it easier to grow your prosperity.
  • Become aware of the ever-present field of energy and consciousness that supports you.
  • Attract meaningful opportunities.
  • Contribute to others in ways that escalate your happiness and well-being.
  • Become a magnet for the people and things you care for deeply.
  • Invite luck into your life as you pursue your dreams.
  • Be confident in taking courageous actions.
  • Feel safe, trusting things will always turn out for the best.

HERE’S THE BIGGEST THING: You will no longer begrudgingly pay a bill. Even if it’s a traffic ticket, you will pay it with happiness in your heart. Even if the restaurant meal was lousy, paying the check will nourish you. Even if the bag of groceries is over $100, you will feel a positive flow of abundance in your life.

Your view of money will shift, and the negative feelings about money will drop, making you happier and making it so much easier to attract full-on prosperity.