Move beyond limits and build financial strength

This Paraliminal is about money. Cash. Financial support. It helps clear away any blocks, fears, and hang-ups you have about money, giving you the freedom to make your life easier, more interesting, and extraordinarily fulfilling. Period. Plain and simple.

It is time to eliminate any discomfort you have around money and create a solid foundation from which to recognize your own value and worthiness to receive. It's time to reframe your past and current ways of thinking to serve you more successfully. This Paraliminal will help you achieve this.

Here's to your future abundant money mindset!

Here's what you can expect with Abundant Money Mindset:

1) Abundant Money Mindset will help deal with your old stories about money—these are the ones you grew up with from the wounds of poverty and scarcity to the negative ideas heard from parents, teachers, bosses, and friends. These form the limiting attitudes and beliefs about yourself that can become deeply embedded in your neurophysiology. You can't create a new money mindset if you're trapped by an old one.

2) Abundant Money Mindset will also help you deal with your current story about money – those competing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may prevent you from fully realizing buckets of cash. These can arise as fears and doubts and show in your life as resistance, hesitation, and self-sabotage. They reflect your level of confidence in your ability to earn, save, and grow your financial resources.

3) And, your new Abundant Money Mindset Paraliminal will help you create a new ideal money story.

Given all of the blocks people have to money, you might conclude money is foul, evil, or infectious. And given how many people chase it, you would think it was the source of life and unending happiness. What a dysfunctional combination!

Money is none of that. It is a powerful and useful tool to make life easier and more interesting.

Your new Abundant Money Mindset will help you:

  • Earn more money, build financial strength, and use money in ways that serve you.
  • Release thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that limit you.
  • Adopt new choices and habits that expand your abundant money mindset.
  • Capitalize on your innate creativity and brilliance to build your financial security.
  • Bring more passion and joy to what you do.
  • Create more value for everyone you serve.
  • Profit from the infinite possibilities available to you.
  • Feel and experience your expanding gratitude for your own abilities.
  • Trust in your worthiness to receive from an infinite universe.
  • Become a masterful steward of your riches for the benefit of your world and generations to come.