Act with calm, clarity, and effectiveness

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? With all of the stuff coming at us each day, it's hard to avoid being overwhelmed.

But you never have to be again.

All of those mental images of urgent priorities that lodge in our minds and make us feel locked up, anxious, and tired can be a thing of the past.

Paul created Overcoming Overwhelm to pull you out of overwhelming feelings – in just 19 minutes – and train your nonconscious mind to deal with those stresses of life differently.

The Paraliminal helps get you to a place of stillness. It soothes your emotions, energizes your body and mind, and sheds light on your abundant strengths, capabilities, and wisdom.

Everything sorts out. You can see more clearly. You can act more effectively.

  • Avoid being sidetracked, pummeled, and worn by distractions and demands.
  • Experience a sanctuary of stillness at any time.
  • Unlock strength and energy when you feel yanked in multiple directions.
  • Quickly revitalize—physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Automatically respond to situations as they arise with ease and effectiveness.
  • Prioritize commitments so you have time for what matters most.
  • Maintain a positive expectation for success.