Become youthful, with unbridled vitality

Some people exude youthful energy and childlike curiosity all their lives. You can too!

Listen to this CD to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. It will help bring back traits of youthfulness and ward off the development of physical, mental, and emotional rigidity characteristic of being old.

This CD is not about trying to live in the past but rather about renewing vitality and passion from your past to create a richly rewarding present. Age can bring wisdom, not an earlier bedtime.

How to maintain youthful energy and counter the effects of aging

An unwritten law of the Universe says you must trade "Youth for Wisdom." It does not say you have to get old, and it certainly does not say you have to give up youthfulness.

But why do so many people get old? Why do love-handles appear? Why do shoulders slump and butts drop? Why does skin wrinkle, eyes tire, and feet hurt? Why does memory slip, hair gray, and bones creek?

Why do some people just get older and older instead of better and better?


Programming from your parents, friends, teachers, television, movies, books, advertising, and your own self-talk. It has all led a lot of people to get older.

Do not misunderstand what we are saying. The Youthful Vitality Paraliminal CD does not stop or reverse aging. Your body will still change and gravity will still tug, but you might just win back some of that...

vitality of youth,
sparkle in the eye,
healthy glow,
lighthearted feeling,
spring in the step,
freshness of though, and
childlike curiosity!

With Youthful Vitality you might lose some anger, cynicism, and bitterness. You might find maintaining your ideal weight easier, exercising more inviting, waking up in the morning more refreshing, reading a book more enjoyable, and looking in the mirror more comforting.

Youthfulness is an attitude. It is a way of life. It is the recognition that you have choice in your life, and you do not have to blindly accept whatever is given. When you live youthfulness, you exude youthfulness, and you can live life to the fullest.

You may have seen people older than you who appear younger. Sure some of it is genetics, but how much of it is attitude? How much of it is how they program their mind? We dare to say that a lot of it is coming from the mind.

If you are quite youthful now, be thankful and do not lose it. Enhance it. Ensure that you live a youthful, energetic, and healthy life for years to come.

The best news of all is that you will still gain wisdom and all the gifts and blessings that it brings. There is no way we would trade the wisdom and knowledge that we have gained in our lives for anything. When we look back at our teens, twenties, or early thirties, we are so thankful that we are not there any more. Our lives are much better than ever, and they continually get better. Still, we listen to Youthful Vitality regularly so that the spirit of youth permeates our bodies.

This spirit of youth is characterized by the need to love and be loved, curiosity, inquisitiveness, thirst for knowledge, the need to learn, imagination, creativity, open-mindedness, spontaneity, enthusiasm, sense of humor, playfulness, optimism, honesty, resilience, and flexibility.

Our bodies and brains are designed to continue developing these traits throughout life. Society, however, leads most people to halt this development and develop physical, mental and emotional traits of being old.

Adults who nurture youthful traits bring to their adult work the imagination and enthusiasm of childhood, which continues to be the source of their unbounded interest and creativity.

When you listen to Youthful Vitality, every day becomes a precious opportunity to learn and give to the world. You will develop a freedom of spirit that enables you to grow young more effectively and more happily than you may ever dreamed possible.

There is nothing like the wisdom of age and the refreshing openness of youth to create a richly rewarding, pleasurable, and satisfying life.

Listen to Youthful Vitality as often as you desire so that you can rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. With each listening decide on integrating one of the traits of youthfulness discussed earlier. Bathe yourself in the trait! This is how you can manifest and express youthfulness.

As you listen, you will rekindle life-giving dreams, missions and purpose. You will learn to counter the effects of aging. You will refresh yourself in the magic fountain of childlike flexibility. You will experience fluidity of thought and feeling that comes from a new, youthful approach to life.