Strengthen belief in your abilities to achieve your desires

We all have beliefs that either support or obstruct day-to-day accomplishments. If you believe you cannot do something, you can change that belief by listening to this CD.

Whatever held you back in the past can be gone. You can whisk away outdated beliefs and easily install new, positive beliefs that create a lifetime of "yes I can" possibilities. You are capable of getting a new job, writing better, skiing, PhotoReading, giving a speech, selling, finding love, and more. Successful people strongly believe in their ability to perform.

Direct self-fulfilling prophecies by changing your beliefs

You may heard of self-fulfilling prophecies. Did you know that they can work "for" you as well as "against" you?

A half a century ago, Robert K. Multon described the phenomenon by saying the expectation of an event can actually cause it to happen.

Good or bad.

A self-fulfilling prophecy starts with a belief. Merton discovered this to be the case whether the belief is true or false.

His conclusion? Beliefs create reality.

Emmet Fox wrote, "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap, says the Bible. This means that if we sow thoughts of health and harmony, we shall reap accordingly, and if we sow thoughts of sickness, fear and enmity, we shall reap those things. To sow a thought, in the Bible sense, means to believe it wholeheartedly; and it is our wholehearted beliefs that we demonstrate."

If a part of your life is not flowing the way you want it, then you may have a belief that is working against you.

Now there is a way for you to consistently have your beliefs working for your highest good.

You can now order the Paraliminal CD called Belief. It will help you identify self-limiting beliefs which create a negative self-fulfilling prophecy. It will simultaneously rescript a new self-enhancing belief.

Belief changes your outdated belief and installs the new, positive belief that creates a lifetime prophecy of success.

With Belief you have the foundation to accomplish your dreams. Today and tomorrow are fresh opportunities. No longer are you bound to failed attempts of the past. With this CD you will gain control, self-esteem, and new beliefs to propel you into bright futures and fulfilment of your dreams.

On Session A of Belief you will identify a self-limiting belief and begin revealing personal strengths that can serve you. On Session B, these resources will be formed into a new self-enhancing belief and installed to take the place of the old belief that no longer serves you. As a result, you will change your belief about what is possible and you will change what you can do!

Here are examples of hindering beliefs that you can change:

"That can never happen to me."
"I can't do it because I am not smart enough."
"People resent people who are rich."
"I cannot earn a high income."
"I will overeat all my life."
"I am just going to fail so why should I even try."
"People won't like me, because I am not good looking enough."
"I am too young to get promoted."
"I cannot find a mate at my age."
"All the good spouses are already taken."
"I am not bright enough to go to college."
"Making money is sinful."
"I'm too short...tall...fat...skinny."
"I'll never be able to PhotoRead."
"You can't teach an old dog new tricks."
"If I don't go to college, I'll never get a well paying, satisfying job."
"The early bird gets the worm."
"I was born on the wrong side of the tracks."
"I am not a morning person."
"No one in my family has ever excelled so I can't either."
"You can't possibly PhotoRead at a page per second."
"Others may be able to do it, but I can't."
"I have trouble keeping meaningful relationships."
"I'm not good enough."
"I don't deserve to be successful."

What beliefs do you have which are holding you back? Start changing your beliefs now. Order today.