Improve your memory instantly

Sharpen your ability to remember facts, principles, details, and theories. Listen to this CD to develop your ability to concentrate on reading or dialogue. Remember what you read, hear, and see. Sharpen your memory and hone your ability to use your brain. On sluggish days, this CD can be a lifesaver. Students of any age: improve your test score immediately!

A favorite of PhotoReaders!

You can improve your memory without having to resort to cumbersome mental processes.

Did you know your memory capacity is literally infinite?

When relaxed and trusting of your inner mind, you can efficiently use your vast and naturally perfect memory core. If you force yourself to remember, you can block or repress what you want to remember.

With the Memory Supercharger you will learn to remember more by trusting and letting go. The more trusting you are, the more you will be able to respond in times of need. You will also reduce blocks and improve concentration.

When you receive your Memory Supercharger CD, listen daily for a week. For continued improvement, listen on a regular basis depending on your needs. Some people may need to listen daily, others weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

One customer listens about four times a year, which is about as often as he begins not-remembering things. Sometimes it is where he put his car keys. Other times it is a birthday, or a client's name, or a task he delegated... When he notices his memory slipping - or when the staff starts complaining - he listens to the Memory Supercharger. He finds himself right back on top of things with an incredibly memory.

The mother of a customer complained how she forgot so much. It became a family joke. "Don't tell mom because she won't remember. Tell dad." After a couple of months of periodic listening one of her sisters telephoned saying, "Have you noticed how mom isn't forgetting everything any more?"

A customer in our office building commented, "I'm even remembering who starred in movies years ago."

This CD is so powerful that it is part of the PhotoReading Personal Learning Course.

The CD is ideal for students. We recommend using the Memory Supercharger to enhance - but not replace - studying. Students say they get the best results when they listen to the CD before they go to bed.