Effortlessly cut back or give up smoking

The healthy life-style of a nonsmoker can be attained in just 20 minutes a day. Listen to Session A daily until you are ready to go cold turkey, then listen to Session B for two to three weeks for soothing reinforcement. No other method works better. Guaranteed.

Smoke-Free has the highest customer satisfaction of all Paraliminals.

"The first six days were tough!"

Annie Wobbeking

"But it got easier and easier each day," says Annie Wobbeking, a caterer from Minneapolis, Minnesota, describing what it was like to quit smoking.

"I smoked over seven years since high school -- I tried to quit but I had no will power," says Annie.

"One night I had had enough. It would only get worse, so the next day I quit, and my brother gave me Smoke-Free to use."

Annie listened to Smoke-Free one or two times a day for a couple of weeks. "It was tough because people around me smoked, but the program gave me the support I needed to make it," says Annie. Her husband, Brian, quit two months later and the two have been smoke-free for over five years.