Build confidence and feel better about yourself

Face life challenges with a stronger belief in yourself. Improve willpower, determination, and stamina. Build confidence and self-assuredness. Feel better about yourself.

This CD helps remove the negative influences of other people, situations, and your own self-talk. Listen to this CD to discover pleasant feelings of peacefulness and impending success. You can accomplish anything with the proper use of your mind.

Customers say that this CD helps make all the others work better!

The Power of Self-Esteem

The Self-Esteem Supercharger helps build an inner confidence, a sense that you are something special, a feeling that you can accomplish anything, a strength that can pull you through. It is a wonderful "feel good" CD -- you will feel good when you listen.

If you are sincere about your desire to be all that you can, then this CD will build the foundation for an incredible life.

When you feel down -- as every human does now and then -- muster an initiative to listen and the whole day will turn around. Customers say they no longer feel lethargic, they quit moping, and they see an eminent bright future.

Customers also find benefit in listening to this CD within a couple hours before an important meeting or a sporting event such as tennis or golf. Some claim to be unbeatable when they listen before their game!

Others have reported personal breakthroughs. You do not have to accept what is dealt to you. With the Self-Esteem Supercharger you build the realization that you have control over your thoughts and feelings, and thus, your life.

We heartily recommend this CD to everyone. When you get it, listen to it daily for a week or so. It will lay a track on which all the other CDs can operate more smoothly. You may discover that anxieties dissipate, weight melts away, personal energy increases, creativity heightens, and your dreams become more vivid.

So much is possible if you just take the first step, believe that you can do whatever you put your mind to, and enjoy the Self-Esteem Supercharger.