Align your mind and body for perfect health

Enhance how you use your mind to positively affect your immune system, tolerance for pain, recovery from illness or injury, and level of health.

Think in terms of wellness instead of sickness. Don't immediately decide you are getting a cold, just because you feel scratchiness in the throat. Look at it as a signal that your body needs help to maintain health. Use this CD to direct your mind to be your most powerful ally in having perfect health.

What the FDA won't let us say about Perfect Health

Believe it or not, the Food and Drug Administration regulates audio programs. And they paid us a visit.

Is someone afraid that an inexpensive audio program will replace expensive drugs?

The FDA is concerned with publishers who promote recordings that are "intended for use in the mitigation, treatment, and cure of disease and other medical conditions."

We do not make medical claims about Perfect Health. But, as former Surgeon General Koop stated that many times, the mind has a profound influence on the state of health and well-being a person enjoys.

The mind can be a healer or a slayer

It is well documented that psychological and emotional states can affect the immune system, tolerance of pain, and prognosis during illness. In addition, people's responsibility for their health, diet, stress management, and physical fitness can dramatically alter their level of wellness.

This CD can help strengthen your connection with one of the most powerful allies for perfect health. Through the proper use of your mind, you can access your vast inner resources to exert important influences on your health.

With this CD, you can stop thinking in terms of sickness. Instead of saying, "I'm feeling sick," say, "I'm not feeling as good as I have." The first supports sickness and can actually program you to become sicker. The second supports wellness and can actually program you to get better!

In the following examples, we list a "not so good" and a "better way" to look at what is going on with your body.

Not so good: I have a headache. Better: I am feeling a discomfort in my head.

As soon as you say "headache" your mind goes to work to create one.

Not so good: I feel a cold coming on. Better: I have a scratchiness in my throat.

When you say "cold" your mind checks it list of everything you have associated in the past with a cold, and it goes to work to create it.

It's a spring cold. I have the sniffles.

The words "spring cold" actually programs your mind to bring on these symptoms every spring.

You are not living in delusion when expressing what is happening with your body positively. Rather you are avoiding labels that could trigger more symptoms. Do not judge the experience to be negative. Merely state what is happening.

When you approach health in this manner, you will live a healthier and more productive life. Our advice is to have this CD ready. It may be the difference between perfect health and suffering.

Many customers listen to Perfect Health every few months, and whenever:

  • stress increases
  • my level of wellness drops
  • illness comes on
  • health is less than optimal

This investment cannot hurt. It can only help, soothe, and comfort. Order your Perfect Health today to reestablish the natural pattern of health and generate high levels of wellness.