Eliminate procrastination and be effortlessly driven to achieve

Are you tired of putting things off? Are you frustrated by continually delaying tasks? Do you want to motivate yourself?

You procrastinate because you have not set a high enough priority. This CD helps you reevaluate and adjust your priorities so that you get done what you know you have to. It helps create a burning desire from within. Use Session A of the CD for general motivation and Session B for a specific thing. Look out! You are about to do it now.

Order this CD right now if you tend to put things off -- you'll be glad you did!

A lot of people hate this CD

It seems to get people to do things they didn't want to do in the first place!

If you are procrastinating over anything, you haven't made it a priority. Get Around To It helps you reevaluate your priorities so that you actually want to do something that you have been putting off. The CD helps put everything in perspective.

One of our first customers used it for the first time on a Saturday for a project he didn't want to tackle. The project seemed daunting. Monday morning at around 11:00 he suddenly realized that he was getting the project done! He didn't have to talk himself into the project. There were no anxieties, and no negative thoughts. He simply started the project and worked through it.

The CD is also strong for motivation. It simply doesn't talk you into do something, but it motivates from within. Many people feel a deep desire to get the project done after listening to the CD.

But, it cannot get you to do something you do not want to do.

Linda Florence from the Twin Cities had been putting off turning a section of her basement into an art studio. Upon listening to the CD, she realized she didn't want to be cooped up in the basement after all. She wanted more windows and more light and immediately began remodeling the third floor of her house.

One session of the CD addresses specific situations, such as cleaning the garage, while the other session conquers procrastination in general.

If you have a habit of putting things off, Get Around To It will motivate you into positive action. It is worth ordering it right now.