What You Get


Freedom from whatever holds you back. Procrastination, self-esteem, anxiety, troubling relationships, bad habits, stress, weight, lack of skill, belief in yourself, poor health, obsessive thoughts, lack of focus, debt, low energy…

Freedom to be what you want, do what you want, have what you want.

People from every walk of life have found success with Paraliminals. From parents to professionals, entrepreneurs to office workers, students to researchers, musicians to the tradesmen—there is a Paraliminal to support your goals ion life.

The dozens of Paraliminals of the Ultimate You Library are the tools for approaching your life from almost every perspective imaginable to help you maximize your potential and enjoy every day.

When you first get your Ultimate You Library systematically begin listening to the Paraliminals that will reduce the resistance, pain, and lack in your life. Keep your goals in mind, and you’ll see them come to fruition as everything that holds you back falls by the wayside.

You can also use Paraliminals to propel you forward to achieve success quicker and more easily.

We’ve named the Paraliminals to inspire you to the greatness you deserve: Abundant Money Mindset, Memory Supercharger, Perfect Health, Instantaneous Personal Magnetism, Happy for No Reason, Peak Performance, Talking To Win, Deep Relaxation, Focus & Concentration, and on and on.

Everything you need for your success.

Here are some stories about what clients have gotten out of using Paraliminals...

“I never realized how miserable I was until I got un-miserable”

I got a job, got married, had a few kids, raised a few kids, did what my husband wanted to do, went to work and put up with being un-inspired every day, went to church and felt beat up, volunteered, cleaned the house, and wondered what life could be like without the constant noise.

Oh, yah, I also wondered if this was it. Was this what life was about?

One night after dinner I walked to a neighbor’s for a glass of wine. She had an audio recording called Self-Esteem Supercharger. I asked her about it, and she said, “Here listen.” She gave me headphones, pointed me to the easy chair, and told me to push play, close my eyes, and listen.

I fell asleep and somehow woke up when it was finished. We had that glass of wine, laughed a bit, and I went home to the family.

A couple of days later I noticed I had been feeling better about everything, and just smiled. After dinner I went across the street for another glass of wine when I thought of the audio recording again. I began to wonder if that was the reason I had been feeling better. So, I listened to it again, and sure enough felt better over the next new days.

I called Learning Strategies and ordered by own Self-Esteem Supercharger. When it arrived I began listening to it every day. This went on for the entire summer and into the fall. I didn’t want to stop listening, because everything in my life started going better, and I didn’t want it to stop.

I never realized how miserable I was until I got un-miserable.

Then I ordered Anxiety-Free and within three weeks I had the confidence to quit my job. I didn’t have another job lined up, but it didn’t matter. I needed to change. And sure enough, within a month I was in a job I loved, and I ordered more Paraliminals.

“I had heard about Paraliminals for years, but never listened to them because I never thought anything could be that easy”

I’ve had a pretty good life, and partly because I would take the bull by the horns and did what I needed to do to succeed.

My first program with Learning Strategies was PhotoReading, because in order to get ahead a work, I knew I needed to read a lot more. I loved the course, and so did my kids.

Last winter I had a week from hell. My boss was threatening to fire me, my marriage was held together by a spider web, my mom went into hospice, and I had one sleepless night after another.

I had heard about Paraliminals for years, but never listened to them because I never thought anything could be that easy. But in the middle of a fitful night, I ordered the digital version of the Sleep Deeply, Wake Refreshed Paraliminal and listened to it. I fell right asleep.

I slept the next night and the next night and the next night. It worked!

I then purchased the entire Ultimate You Library of Paraliminals, and I’ve been laughing at how I had ignored them all of these years. What treasures!

“I walked away from a lot of my friends”

Since I paid a lot of money for the library of Paraliminals, I was determined to use them every day. I had to get my money’s worth.

About four months later I was at a dinner party, and everyone was so negative about everything. They were complaining about the weather, politics, family members, work…you name it, they were complaining about it.

I noticed it again a couple of weeks later.

I knew I had been filling my mind with positive messages when I listened to the Paraliminals. I wondered whether I had really been that negative myself. I wondered whether the Paraliminals had scoured away my own negativity.

Soon I found myself not going to parties, and I walked away from a lot of my friends. Which created an opening for new, like-minded (like-energy?) friends.

I feel great. Absolutely great.

“I was assaulted by his verbal potato peeler”

My brother and I had a knock-down argument over money. Both of us were relentless, and I am not proud of what I said or how loud I screamed. I’m sure all of the neighbors heard.

For months I couldn’t get it out of my mind or my emotions. I became very angry, I didn’t sleep at night, my work productivity dropped, and it seemed my life crumbled. All because I was assaulted by his verbal potato peeler.

I called Learning Strategies and one of the coaches recommended using the New Option Generator. I began using it, and immediately the verbal scars hurt less. I used it one or two times a day for two or three months and finally it cleared completely away.

Are my brother and I friends now? Nope. Not at all. He simply has no sparkle of integrity. But at least I don’t am no longer triggered by the thought of him.

Maybe someday he will change. Anyone’s energy can change. And I will be here to welcome him back. In the meantime, he’s out of my kitchen.

Free Success Coaching

When you receive your Ultimate You Library of Paraliminals, and if you have any questions, feel free to call our office during business hours to talk with one of our success coaches. There is no charge for this service. We are here to support you.

You may also email us or visit our online Discussion Forum which already has over 12,000 posts filled with brilliant ideas and suggestions.

30-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

If you find that the Paraliminals are not for you, just return them within 30 days for a prompt refund of the product price. Of course, we hope you will love them and tell all of your friends about the amazing Paraliminals.