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About Learning Strategies

We’ve created the Paraliminals through the years, worked to find people like you to use them, and tirelessly do whatever we can to help you get full value from them. We’re committed to helping you maximize your potential.

Founded in 1981 as a consulting and training company, Learning Strategies Corporation has evolved into a premier provider of self-improvement, education, and health programs. The Paraliminals are the most popular, and you can find the others on our main website, www.LearningStrategies.com.

Our co-founder Paul Scheele continues to bring unparalleled expertise to our programs to help people break free from their limitations. With degrees in biology, psychology, adult learning, and leadership and change, he ardently mastered three powerful technologies of human development.

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which imparts a unique understanding on how the human brain works.
  • Accelerated Learning, which provides keys to learning five to fifty times faster than traditional techniques.
  • Preconscious Processing, which gives access to the vast capacity of the mind to accomplish virtually anything.

Neurologists tell us that the human brain is more powerful than the most powerful computer on earth. Paul's expertise makes it possible for you to experience that power and use it to make a difference in your life, whether you want better grades, new skills, wealth, wellness, or ....

Paul works closely with talented authors/mentors and members of our publishing team to assure that our programs are the absolute best available today. And you will see, the quality shows.

Need support or advice? We're here for you!

Your success is most important to us. From getting your program to you quickly (all of our programs ship within one to two business days and our digital programs are available immediately) to our unprecedented service of "Coaching," we do everything we can to see you succeed.

Our toll-free Customer Service line is staffed during the weekday by friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable Coaches who can help you receive full benefit from your program. You can also contact a coach by email or visit our staffed Discussion Forums online, anytime of the day or night, for reams of helpful insight and advice.

And if you do call, you may even be talking directly with Paul Scheele, or Pete Bissonette, our President. They spend considerable time talking with customers to better understand your needs and desires, and for the sheer pleasure of hearing about so many wonderful achievements.

No matter your question, comment or concern, you can rely on us to be here for you.

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