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What are Paraliminals?

Paraliminals are audio tools designed to help your nonconscious mind learn new ways of responding to what is going on in your world.

In other words, you can resolve real-time personal issues and problems so that you can achieve your goals.

For example, if you have problems with procrastination, you can listen to the Get Around To It Paraliminal, and immediately you will find yourself doing whatever it is you've been putting off.

If you have anxieties, you can listen to the Anxiety-Free Paraliminal. It will help you reduce uncomfortable feelings of fear, and help you project strength.

With 46 Paraliminals at your fingertips, most any issue you have can be handled with a Paraliminal such as: weight, self-sabotage, memory, smoking, negative beliefs, stress, debt, bad memories, and negative self-talk.

And, you can use Paraliminals to help achieve your goals, such as financial security, a better relationship, some huge company project, a life-changing scientific breakthrough, writing a book, building a house, running for mayor of your town. It doesn’t matter, because Paraliminals can help you achieve it.

Paraliminals were created by Paul R. Scheele, and over one million are in circulation. They are popular for two primary reasons:

# 1 Reason – It takes only 20 minutes

There is nothing to study. No extra CDs that you have to plow through. No homework. No exercises. Just take 20 minutes. Listen to a Paraliminal with headphones and your genius mind will do the rest, almost magically.

Paraliminals are easy to use. Simply pick the result you want, choose a Paraliminal CD, and listen. Then sit back and let the changes happen.

  • Eliminate negative self-talk and vaporize self-sabotage
  • Reach and maintain your idea weight
  • Build unshakable self-discipline
  • Release emotions that block you
  • Open the flow of abundance
  • Break any habit
  • and much, much more

# 2 Reason – High-performance mental technology

Paraliminals are infused with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Accelerated Learning, Preconscious Processing, and Holosync, created by Centerpointe Research Institute, which explains the stellar results clients receive.

  • Energize in just 10 minutes
  • Boost your memory in just 16 minutes
  • Feel good in just 18 minutes
  • Acquire a new behavior in just 24 minutes
  • Change memories in just 30 minutes
  • and much, much more...

You may purchase any of the Paraliminals individually, or you may purchase the entire collection in what has been appropriately named The Complete Ultimate You Library of Paraliminals.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the Paraliminals, you may return them within 30 days for a prompt refund of the product price.

You may return any product purchased directly from us within thirty days of purchase for a full refund of the product price, excluding shipping and handling. For payment plans, you will be refunded the money collected, excluding shipping and handling, and the balance cancelled. No refunds, or cancellations of future payments, will be issued after thirty days from purchase.

If you ever have questions about getting full benefit from your Paraliminals, you are welcome to visit our online Discussion Forum with over 12,000 posts from Paraliminal users or you may call or email a success coach at our office—all free of charge.

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"The Paraliminals take me into meditation faster than anything else. I feel more powerful and motivated after listening, and they help me train my mind to think positively in a way that it sinks into my subconscious mind. They have helped me increase my resiliency and tenacity to stay the course when faced with challenging situations."
- Jennifer Franklin, TN

"I first used the Prosperity Paraliminal. I was deeply in debt. I managed to pay off my debt. I now own my farm and have a better paying job that is much more rewarding."
- C.A. Wingsong, Red Boiling Springs, TN

"If you are a life-long learner like me, I highly recommend Learning Strategies. I believe you will find them an excellent partner to help you improve your life."
- Sarah, Pittsburgh, PA

"I have used most of the Paraliminals at one time or another. They always help, and sometimes trigger remarkable changes in how I respond to challenges. Power Thinking helps me move forward from being stuck. Self Discipline helps me tackle big projects more effectively. I could go on…but it would take pages. I highly recommend the Paraliminals!"
- Anonymous

"Because of a medical condition, I have struggled with sleep for several years. Since purchasing the Sleep Deeply and Deep Relaxation Paraliminals, I nearly always drift off into a deep sleep right away. I also love the Memory Optimizer. I find it a wonderful aid to strengthening my memory."
- Tanda Ainsworth, Penryn, CA

"I feel more open to new experiences and possibilities where none previously existed. I think much more clearly and am able to remain calm during stressful situations. My intuition and decision making abilities are sharper and I find that I am more easily able to connect with others."
- Zenduba Halimana, Mafikeng, South Africa

"The Paraliminals are one of the most easy and effective ways of learning! Just plug in your headphones and take your life to a new level. You can even learn while sleeping. I can’t recommend them highly enough!"
- Faisal Zaheer, Karachi, Pakistan

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